Apple loses position as most valuable firm amid tech sell-off

Apple has lost its position as the world’s most valuable company amid a broad sell-off of technology stocks. Saudi Arabian oil and gas producer Aramco has reclaimed the top spot from the iPhone maker for the first time in almost two years. Investors have been selling shares in technology firms as they move into what […]

Here’s How Apple’s iPod Lasted for 20 Years

Commentary: The gadget survived music streaming, rival players and the iPhone. Editor’s note, May 11, 2022: This commentary originally ran in October 2021 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iPod. We’re rerunning it today following the news that the iPod is finally being put out to pasture. For a long time, the iPod and […]

Intel Doubles AI Chip Power to Expand the Revolution

Intel took the wraps off a highly anticipated AI accelerator chip on Tuesday, a key part of the chipmaker’s effort to reclaim ground lost to Nvidia and other rivals in the hot computing area. The Gaudi2, designed by Intel’s Israel-based Habana Labs, is twice as fast as its first-generation predecessor, the chipmaker said at its […]

Meta Cambria, Quest 3: What to Expect From Meta’s Next VR Headset

Meta’s next big virtual reality headset looks to be more expensive and advanced, but it won’t replace the Quest 2. The Oculus Quest 2 (now called Meta Quest 2) has become a surprisingly successful virtual reality headset and remains our favorite VR device despite being almost two years old. What will Meta, the former Facebook, […]

Apple, Google, Microsoft Back ‘FIDO’ Tech to Dump Passwords on Websites and Apps

If Apple, Google and Microsoft have their way, soon we’ll be thinking of passwords as a bygone relic of the 20th century. The FIDO Alliance — FIDO is short for “fast identity online” — said Thursday it’s working with the three companies to begin offering passwordless technology to websites and apps. Instead of using unreliable […]

Apple Employees Criticize Return-to-Work Plan, Call for More Flexibility

In an open letter, employees say Apple’s hybrid plan offers “almost no flexibility at all.” A group of Apple employees is demanding more flexibility from the tech giant ahead of its planned return to office work later this month. In an open letter, the group, calling itself Apple Together, said the company’s plan for many […]