Child tweets gibberish from US nuclear-agency account

A young child inadvertently sparked confusion over the weekend by posting an unintelligible tweet to the official account of US Strategic Command. The agency is responsible for safeguarding America’s nuclear weapons. Some social-media users feared the account may have been hacked. But it has since been revealed a young member of the account’s social-media manager’s […]

Facebook removes accounts of ‘China-based hackers’ targeting Uighurs

Facebook has removed a group of China-based hackers it says targeted members of the Uighur community living abroad. It said hackers used malicious websites and apps to infect devices and allow for remote surveillance, with journalists and activists targeted. A majority of the cyber attacks didn’t happen directly on Facebook but used the social media […]

Covid fraud: £34.5m stolen in pandemic scams

More than 6,000 cases of Covid-related fraud and cyber-crime have been recorded by the UK’s police forces during the pandemic. The Action Fraud team said £34.5m had been stolen since 1 March 2020. It covers activity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but not Scotland. In a related development, the National Cyber Security Centre has […]

Super Nintendo World opens in Japan after Covid delays

A theme park dedicated to Nintendo’s famous Super Mario World has opened in Japan, nearly a year after it was originally due to welcome guests. Super Nintendo World – which cost about $0.5bn ($0.36bn) to build – was meant to open last summer but was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. Initially only Japanese visitors can […]

Australia: Sex consent app proposal sparks backlash

Australians have derided a suggestion by the New South Wales (NSW) police commissioner that an app could be used to register sexual consent. On Thursday, Mick Fuller championed the idea of an app where people could digitally record their mutual agreement to have sex. He said the technology could be used to establish “positive consent”. […]

Instagram cracks down on adults messaging teens

Instagram is adding safety measures designed to protect teenagers from unwanted direct messages from adults. Older users will be able to privately message teenagers who follow them only. And messages will be overlaid with a notice reminding teenagers they need not respond to anything that makes them uncomfortable. The measures will work only if accounts […]