The Next ‘iPhone Moment’ Will Eventually Arrive. Hurry Up Already

Back before the iPhone launched on June 29, 2007, Tony Fadell was used to a regular working rhythm at Apple. People would send out emails at the beginning and end of the day, with “action items” based on conversations and other things that had recently happened. Sometimes, emails arrived between meetings too, but it wasn’t […]

The iPhone’s Most Important Part Isn’t Apple’s Hardware. It’s Everything Else

The first iPhone went on sale on June 29, 2007. Fifteen years later, the iPhone is absolutely essential to Apple’s strategy for software, accessories and services. Tomorrow marks 15 years since the first iPhone went on sale. When Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone he wryly hyped it as three revolutionary products: An iPod, a […]

iPhone’s Future Could Depend on These Breakthrough Technologies

Apple’s smartphone is turning 15. Experts say technologies like lidar and AI will define its future. Lucy Edwards, a blind UK-based journalist and broadcaster, found it difficult to maintain a social distance in public during the height of the pandemic. That’s why she tried the iPhone’s People Detection feature, which uses the iPhone 12 Pro […]

Apple’s First Mixed-Reality Headset May Sport New M2 Processor

New headset featuring both virtual and augmented reality environments is part of a “deluge” of new products reportedly coming in the next year. Apple’s first mixed-reality headset could come with the company’s flagship M2 processor, just one of the “deluge” of new products the company is expected to unveil in the next year, Bloomberg’s Mark […]

Solana Saga Is a Fancy Android Phone for Crypto Traders

The CEO of Solana cryptocurrency is tired of seeing people pulling out their laptops to mint NFTs in the middle of dates. This is his solution. In a first from a major cryptocurrency company, Solana Labs on Thursday announced it was developing its own brand of smartphone. The Solana Saga is a top-spec, 6.67-inch Android […]

Apple M2 MacBook Pro 13-Inch Review: Familiar Design, New M2 Chip

The first M2 Mac available exists in its own bubble, but it also delivers better performance than the original M1 version. “What a strange-looking MacBook.” That was my first thought when I first saw the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the new M2 chip at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino during WWDC 2022. There wasn’t anything particularly […]

Is Android 13 Coming to Your Pixel Phone? Check This List

See if your Pixel phone will get Android 13 and other updates. Pixel phones are usually the first to get new Android updates, and that’s one of the biggest perks separating Google’s phones from other Android devices. Your Pixel phone may be eligible for upgrades over the next three to five years, but that depends […]

iOS 16 May Be Giving Us Clues to the iPhone 14

Commentary: Apple’s next iPhone is likely still months away, but iOS 16 might be dropping hints about what’s coming. Apple’s next major iPhone operating system, iOS 16, was previewed at WWDC and is now available to download for developers. The new iPhone update will work on the iPhone 8 and newer and likely launch alongside […]

Lawmakers Call on Google to Fix Misleading Results for Abortion Searches

Some Google searches for information about terminating pregnancies are directing people toward anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers.” A group of US lawmakers called on Google to fix misleading search results that steer women seeking information about terminating pregnancies to anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers.” In a letter sent Friday, 14 senators and seven representatives urged Sundar Pichai, […]