iPhone Trade-In: How to Sell Your Old iPhone Before Upgrading in the New Year

Subsidize the cost of your next iPhone by selling your current one. Here are the best places to do so. If you were tempted to treat yourself to the latest iPhone this Christmas or you plan to gift one to someone else in your family, you might be wondering what the most cost-effective way to […]

Apple and Tesla: Tech shares tumble amid supply issues

Apple and Tesla stocks have tumbled over growing concerns about delays in their production lines in China. Apple shares hit their lowest point since June 2021. Tesla’s stock has dropped 73% from a record high in November 2021. Companies have struggled to keep production going in China due to Covid restrictions and weeks of lockdowns. […]

Got the New iPhone 14 as a Gift? Transfer Your Data With These Simple Steps

Transfer all your information from your old phone to your new iPhone 14 without losing a thing. So, you received a new iPhone 14 this holiday season and you’re tempted to tear that box open and start toying with all the new features of iOS 16. Before you do so, you will want to patiently […]

If Your iPhone Keeps Automatically Dimming, Here’s How to Stop It

As a battery saving measure, your iPhone automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen depending on the light in your environment. The less light there is around you, the dimmer your display gets — but that may not be what you want. Even if it’s dark, you may want to keep your iPhone’s brightness up, […]

Search Engine You.com Launches ChatGPT-Style Chatbot, But Don’t Trust It Fully Yet

The site works like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which went viral earlier this year for its unique and realistic responses from a computer program. But be careful about its answers. You.com, a search engine launched last year promising more customizability, began offering a ChatGPT-style chatbot on its website Friday that can answer questions and hold a conversation, […]

If You Get a New iPhone With iOS 16, Do These 3 Things Immediately

The holidays are near, so you might be getting a new iPhone for Christmas. If so, here’s what you should do first. The iPhone, and more specifically the iPhone 14 series, will be a popular gift for Christmas this year. If you do end up getting the latest Apple phone, there are many new features […]

OnePlus 11 5G, Buds Pro 2 Are Going to Be Announced in February

OnePlus’ next phone and earbuds now have an event date. On Monday the Chinese smartphone maker announced that its “OnePlus Cloud 11 Launch Event” will take place on Feb. 7 in New Delhi, India. The company says that the Cloud 11 name “represents the upgraded technology and performance delivered by the brand’s latest products, and […]

Apple’s iPhone 15 Isn’t the Only Exciting Phone Coming in 2023

Samsung, Google and OnePlus have new phones in the works too. Here are the top ones to watch based on rumors so far. This year isn’t quite over, but rumors about new phones are already buzzing. While it’s hard to know what’s exactly in store for the smartphone industry in 2023, it’s possible to make […]