iPhone SE 4 Reportedly Back in Development With Apple-Built 5G Modem

A noted Apple analyst says the iPhone maker has a new plan for its next mid-range phone. Apple may have solved a big issue holding back its future phone plans, as the company has reportedly restarted development of the iPhone SE 4, its next affordable handset. At the beginning of the year, noted Apple analyst […]

How to Easily Take Screenshots on Windows 10 and 11

Here are keyboard shortcuts, built-in tools and more ways to take screenshots on your PC. Microsoft no longer sells Windows 10, but the software giant will still support the operating system until October 2025. Afterwards, you’ll have to switch to Windows 11. There are some differences between the two operating systems, but one thing both […]

Apple May Launch a Low-End VR Headset in 2025, Analyst Says

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple may launch the second generation of its rumored mix-reality headset, including a low-end device, in 2025. Apple has yet to confirm plans for its first augmented and virtual reality headset, but there are already rumors brewing about a second generation of the device. A second-generation AR/VR headset from Apple will […]

Get Acquainted With These Mac Keyboard Shortcuts. You Won’t Regret It

If you want to make your life easier, you should memorize these underrated Command keyboard shortcuts on MacOS. Every time you’re on your Mac, you’re using modifier keys on your keyboard. These modifier keys, like Command and Option, are probably the most important keys you have, because they can perform shortcuts that are necessary to […]

You Might Be Giving Up Your Location When You Share Photos on Your iPhone

Location metadata is embedded in your iPhone photos and videos by default. Here’s how to disable this feature. Your iPhone keeps track of your location, but it’s usually for a good reason. Apps depend on accurate location tracking to function properly, like when you’re getting directions in Google Maps or using Find My to locate […]

iPhone Tip: How to Fix Videos Recorded in the Wrong Orientation

Any great video can lose impact if it’s been shot in the wrong orientation. Thankfully there’s an easy for that directly on your iPhone. Sometimes you might start shooting a video vertically on your iPhone only to realize moments later that it’s recording horizontally instead. Flipping your phone midway doesn’t work, since the iPhone locks […]

Is Your iPhone Storage Full? Free Up Space Without Deleting Anything

You don’t have to get rid of photos, videos and apps to free up storage on your iPhone. If don’t have have any storage space left on your iPhone, it’s pretty difficult to get anything done. You can’t install the latest iOS software updates, download more apps or even take a single photo or video. […]

Microsoft Limits Bing AI Chats to 5 Replies to Keep Conversations Normal

Exchanges are being restricted so the AI chatbot won’t get too strange. Microsoft is limiting how extensively people can converse with its Bing AI chatbot, following media coverage of the bot going off the rails during long exchanges. Bing Chat will now reply to up to five questions or statements in a row for each […]

iOS 16.4 Beta: The New Features Public Beta Testers Can Try Now

New emoji, Apple Podcasts changes and more are included in the public beta. Apple’s first iOS 16.4 public beta was released to testers on Friday, a day after Apple released the beta to developers. Beta testers can try out new features, like updates to Apple Podcasts and new emoji. These features are only available to […]