iOS 16.0.3 on Your iPhone: Apple Fixes Some Annoying Bugs

Learn how to download the latest iOS 16 update today. After releasing iOS 16 alongside the iPhone 14 last month, Apple has now rolled out another software update, iOS 16.0.3. The latest update addresses bugs on some iPhone 14 models, including delayed or undelivered incoming calls and notifications and low microphone volume during CarPlay phone […]

Best iPhone in 2022: Which of Apple’s Phones Is Right for You?

Apple’s iPhone lineup ranges pricewise from $429 to $1,599. Here are the best iPhones to match your needs and budget. The best iPhone is obviously going to be different for everyone and really depends on your needs and budget. With the launch of the iPhone 14 series, Apple now sells eight different models that range […]

Two Huawei 5G kit-removal deadlines put back

The government has extended two deadlines for the removal of Huawei equipment from the UK’s 5G networks. The requirement to remove the Chinese company’s products from the network core has been pushed back 11 months, to 31 December 2023. And a limit on the amount of Huawei kit in fibre-broadband infrastructure must now be achieved […]

My iPhone in Permanent Low Power Mode Gives Me Two Days of Battery

Keeping your iPhone in Low Power Mode could save your battery charge, but what do you lose? We all know the iPhone drill: a “Low Battery. 20% battery remaining” alert, followed by options to tap Low Power Mode or deny reality by tapping Close. Apple added Low Power Mode as part of iOS 9 in […]

Meta Avatars Have Legs and Are Coming to Your Zoom Meetings

Your avatar won’t be a floating torso for much longer. Meta’s next-generation avatars will have legs, and you’ll be able to use your avatar in more places online, the company said Tuesday at its Meta Connect event. “Legs are hard,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at the event. “We’re going to bring legs to Horizon […]

Windows 11 Keyboard Combos That Will Save You Time

Have iOS 16 questions? CNET has answers, from compatibility to best features.Put these 70-plus hotkeys in your toolkit to master Microsoft’s operating system. Microsoft rolled out its Windows 11 software update in September with a handful of new additions. Though many of the features and settings are still the same as they were on Windows […]

Google Pixel Watch Hands-On: Stylish and Jam-Packed With Fitbit Features

Starting at $350, Google’s first smartwatch has a lot of potential. The Pixel Watch is Google’s first smartwatch, At an event on Thursday, we got to get our hands on one. The watch has a circular face and is packed with Fitbit tracker features. Google unveiled the Pixel Watch alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel […]

There’s a Hidden Trackpad on Your iPhone. Here’s How You Can Unlock It

This little-known iOS feature makes typing on your keyboard so much easier. And it works on your iPad too. Your iPhone and iPad are packed with a bunch of neat hidden features, including on iOS 16, which features the ability to connect your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers and easily view and share all your saved […]