Allen_Bradley 1756-BA2 Battery is replacement battery for Allen Bradley 1747-BA 1756-BA2 1770-XO 1771 10pcs. The Allen_Bradley 1756-BA2 batteries equivalent is guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications. All Allen_Bradley 1756-BA2 Battery are brand new, 1 year Warranty, 100% Guarantee Quality and Fully Test!

Allen_Bradley 1756-BA2 Replacement Battery for Allen Bradley 1747-BA 1756-BA2 1770-XO 1771 10pcs

Product Specifications:
Brand: Allen_Bradley Replacement Battery
* Longer run-time and battery life - thanks to modern Lithium technology without memory effect
* Guaranteed safety: Protected against Short-circuits, Overheating and Overvoltage
* 100% compatible in replacing your original battery

Replaces these part numbers:
1756-BA2 BR2/3A-AB/3.0V 1745-B1 1747-BA 1756-BA1 1756-BA2 1763-BA 1770-XO 1770-HMA 1770-XR 1770-XY 1770-XYB 1770-XYC 1770-XYV 1770-XZ 1771-HMA 2706-NB1

Compatible with the following models:
AB PLC applies to the following series:
1746-BAS,1747-PT1 Series
1756-L1,1756-L1M1,1756-L1M2,1756-L1M3 Series
1771 Series
1771-DB Series
1772 Series
1775 Series
1785-L40B / L,1785-L60B / L Series
6008-LTV Series
A-2/05,A-2/16,A-2/17 Series
B,B-2/16,B-2/17 Series
C-2/16,C-2/17 Series
D-2/16,D-2/17 Series
DL20 DataLiner Series
HHT Series
Logix 5550,Logix 5555,Logix 5563 Series
MINI-PLC-2 Series
MINI-PLC-2/16,MlNl-PLC-2/17 Series
PLC-2,PLC-3 Series
PLC-3 Series
PLC-4 Series
PLC-5 Series
PLC-5/11,PLC-5/20,PLC-5/30,PLC-5/40,PLC-5/60 Series
PLC-5VME Series
SLC-100,SLC-150 Series
SLC-5/01,SLC-5/02,SLC-5/03,SLC-5/04,SLC-5/05 Series
SLC-500 Series

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Features of our replacement battery:
1. Each Allen_Bradley 1756-BA2 replacement battery unit is made of high-quality lithium-ion cells for longer last time.
2. The battery is up to standard and fully compatible with original specifications.
3. All our batteries are certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 as safe products.
4. The interface metal and fixed insulator of the battery are made of good materials to ensure stable current input and durability.
5. We specialize in providing high-quality replacement batteries.

How to choose correct Allen_Bradley 1756-BA2 battery?
+ This page list all type rechargerable battery for 1756-BA2, make sure this battery's picture is most the same as your original 1756-BA2 battery.
+ 1756-BA2 battery have genuine battery cells and original battery protection board, which means more charge cycle times and excellent compatibility.
+ Replacement rechargerable Allen_Bradley 1756-BA2 battery is a very good choose too, beacuse you don't need to maintain it carefully, it is in stock all the time, you can repalce it with lower price any time.
+ Please contact us when you can't sure this is a correct Allen_Bradley 1756-BA2 battery.

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