Razer RC30-024801 is replacement adapter for Razer 15.6 Blade 15. The RC30-024801 adapter equivalent is guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications. All RC30-024801 adapter are brand new, 1 year Warranty, 100% Guarantee Quality and Fully Test!

Razer RC30-024801 230W Replacement Adapter for Razer 15.6 Blade 15

Product Specifications:
cs: Razer
AC Input: 100V-240V 2.5A 50-60Hz
Output: 19.5V 11.8A 230W
Connection size:
* Modern technology with a fast charging speed
* Compact, ergonomic design - ideal for travelling
* 100% compatible in replacing your original adapter

Replaces these part numbers:

Compatible with the following models:
Razer 15.6 Blade 15

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How to choose a Razer RC30-024801 adapter?
+ Make sure that the voltage and current of the adapter are the same as the original voltage.
+ Check carefully if the tip of the adapter is the correct size.
+ Check if the photo of the power adapter matches your needs.

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